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Responsible Women

Responsible Women_Maggie Dillon 2017 brighterResponsible Women

31 x 39



“I believe that every person has the right to protect themselves and their property. There is, though, a fine line between protecting yourself and looking for a reason to use your gun.
“Training in marksmanship helps girls develop into responsible women.”  This image is inspired by a photo of two women learning how to shoot a rifle in the basement of their high school.

My work reawakens a calm moment that is meaningful and ordinary at the same time. I choose images that have a photojournalistic quality and celebrate natural, uninterrupted situations. The viewer can add their own story to the images as if the subjects are characters in a book.
Each image is a celebration of a private, ordinary moment. There is something humbler about those decades. People are less aware of the camera. Vintage images seem purer, even elegant in their simplicity. I work in a nostalgic, subdued palette like old film.”

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